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When you schedule an appointment, I set that time exclusively for you. Under most circumstances, I am setting aside that block of time for your ongoing appointments and use.
I require two full business days (minimum 48-hour notice or the Friday prior to any Monday appointment) when you will miss or want to cancel/reschedule our session so that I have opportunity to make that time available to others. Then there is no charge.
Cancellations must be made by phone (213-224-7995) or email. Please do not cancel or change your appointment by text message, as you will remain responsible for the no show fee (policy is also in the Practices Consent form).
If you do not provide this notice for your cancellation or absence, regardless of the reason, you are responsible to pay the fee before a new appointment can be set. I utilize the time of your call, and time of your voice/email message as the basis for the full 48 hour notice. In this way you are assured you have provided sufficient notice and will not be charged. I may give that time slot to another under certain circumstances. 
Any late cancellation/no show fees are paid out of pocket and charged to the card on file. If you miss an appointment a follow up email/call will be sent to you to check in. If you miss two or more sessions without contacting me the third missed appointment will be charged the full fee and services will be terminated at that time. Schedules are something we can work on and come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

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