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Miss Wiggles at the beach

I believe animals can be so important to our mental health and what they can do for us. Our animals are like our kids and hold such special places in our hearts. Here is one of my kids enjoying herself at the beach.

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Therapy as a relationship, tool, and experience

My name is Taylor, and my pronouns are he/him. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, my Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology, and my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I describe my therapeutic style as Psychodynamic in concert with Existential work. I work with individuals, trauma, and relationships to clarify, reflect on, and understand life. My office is not a place to worry about making sense or having all the answers. You can be yourself in whatever way that looks like at the time. I work to be supportive, understanding, and empathically present. At times I will challenge things to bring about greater insight and better understand your experience, interactions with others, and how this is presenting today. At times it  may be difficult to discuss  things and create a safe and secure sense to address any hurt, trauma, memories, and things you may be avoiding in your day-to-day life. We will address it, work with it, and reduce how much it hurts you.  

Change can begin with identifying feelings, the impulse, building insight, connecting to experience, or practicing new skills and behaviors.  We will explore what works best for you.

During our work together we will use the therapeutic relationship as a tool. We will discuss the therapy and how this can work outside of the office in your other relationships and interactions with people. What happens in the room can offer immediate information about how your relationships work and we can this as a space to new ways of relating and responding.

The unique needs and goals you have will influence the amount of time we work together, what our focus will be, and how far we reach. We will check in regularly about the progress we are making and change as needed during our time together.

Areas I work in include:

Sexual/relationship minorities (LGBTQIA+, nonmonogamy, kink, sex work, etc.), 

Couples Therapy 

Intimacy and Communication Issues

Psychological Distress

Sexuality and Gender

Partners/Persons in the Entertainment Industry and related work


Death and Dying 

Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

Purpose and Meaning


Relationships with friends, partners,  family members

Addictions and Substance Use

Call or Email for an appointment or free consultation by phone.

(213) 224-7995

I have met the requirements under California Law ARTICLE 2. Scope of Practice [4999.20 - 4999.24] to provide services in the area of Marriage/Family assessment and treatment. 

California LPCC # LPCC10311

LAADC #LR10160422

Hawaii #MHC-704

Washington #LH61052195

Oregon #15-07-21, G 16-04-04

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